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Programs and Workshops for Leaders and Teams

Enhance Executive Presence Workshop 

The Enhance Executive Presence Workshop is designed to support leaders to gain more clarity on how their presence and influence can create more impact and collaboration inside and outside their teams and organizations.

Having an executive presence is not all about how a person commands the room and gains gravitas, it supports leaders to be able to show up at their best self as well as connect, engage and influence their team to perform. 

The Enhance Executive Presence Workshop is suitable for emerging leaders, middle management, and executive bench leaders who want to

  • Enhance leadership presence and impact

  • Strengthen communication and influencing skills

  • Build a calm and polished presence under pressure

  • Be more confidence in showing up as an executive leader or a future leader who is ready for the next role

  • Want to gain more performance and get ahead in their career

  • Recommended Format 

  • One Day Small Team Workshop

  • Customized content available for specific regions and special context

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    Embrace Global Mindset: Effective Global Leaders Workshop

    As global business is growing, businesses need more experienced global managers in their companies. Effective global leaders need more than leadership and management skills to succeed in their roles. It’s critical for today’s organizations to recognize the key characteristics which make an individual the right choice for a global assignment or manage a global team from their home country.

    A high-performing leader who has been thriving and successful in their roles within their own culture and countries can fail miserably in different cultures and environments. The cost of a high-performing leader turning into an average or poor-performing Global Leader can be extremely high for organizations.

    The workshop will provide participants with global leader mindsets and tools to help them prepare and improve their global leadership skills. 

    Common challenges include

  • A mindset of a Global Leader: understanding the concept and context

  • Global leadership traits and what’s required for any global role

  • Managing multiple bosses and influencers in different countries and regions

  • How to embrace a global mindset and cultural diversity

  • Lead and influence without authority 

  • Thrive, agile, and responsive despite the uncertainty and complexity of a matrix

  • Recommended Format 

  • Two-hour Training/Conference

  • Half-day Small Team Workshop

  • Customized content available for specific regions and special context

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     Conversations for Action™ Workshop 
    The Introduction session gives the attendee a window into what is possible with Commitment-based Management. To become a strong practitioner of the Conversations for Action disciplines, practice and intense review of the practice is essential for participants to begin collaborating with these new skills. This facilitated workshop goes deeper into the structure of Conversations for Action and requires dedicated homework for observation. 
    Once the workshop reconvenes, in-depth understanding of how to fully collaborate with these new skills is established. Leaders practice the skills and show a noticeable effect on teams. Team collaboration improves by 30%.
    Common challenges include:
  • No solid execution plans committed by your teams

  • Managing changes in Project Scope and Deliverables

  • Project delays and rework

  • Communication barriers through all levels of management

  • Maintaining momentum and continuity across teams

  • Missed commitments

  • Silos in teams and organizations

  • In the workshop, participants will be equipped with disciplines, tools, frameworks, and practice sessions so they can break free of the Silo. Creating an environment of Learning Teams is the goal.

    Conversation for Action Disciplines help design commitments and to diagnose what has gone wrong with weak or no commitments. This workshop is designed for teams specifically. Leadership can also benefit from the results.


    Recommended Format 

  • Two 3-hour Workshops with 3-8 participants

  • Customized content available for specific regions and special context

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    Commitment-based Management™ Training (CbM)

    Commitment-based Management™ is a distinctive methodology for producing high and sustainable levels of business performance. The methodology was developed initially by Dr. Fernando Flores and backed by multiple types of research and case studies over the past 20 years in association with prestige organizations from Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley, The Kellogg School of Management, London School of Business, MIT, and client engagements.

    The Commitment-based Management™ Training is designed to help organizations create alignment and increase their operational executions without limitation in collaboration, assumption, or Silos.

    More on the early essays by Fernando Flores can be found here: http://www.conversationsforaction.com


    Recommended Format 

  • Three Days Workshop for a small team of 6-10 employees

  • Customized content available for specific regions and special context

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