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Conversations For Action

 Conversations for Action™ Workshop 
The Conversations for Action Workshop is designed to help leaders and teams improve their communication and collaboration skills through learning the Commitment-based Management™ disciplines. The workshop is based on the "Loop," a basic construct in all conversations, which provides attendees with a new definition of the language associated with analyzing the dynamics present in every conversation for action.
Participants will learn how to close every "Loop" in conversation, which helps enhance their communication and collaboration skills. This opens up a new level of possibilities for building highly collaborative and agile teams across the organization. This workshop is ideal for leaders, managers, and team members who want to improve their communication and collaboration skills and develop a more effective way of working together.
The workshop is led by experienced facilitators and includes interactive exercises, group discussions, and role-plays to help participants understand how to apply Commitment-based Management™ disciplines in their work and personal lives. The program also includes follow-up coaching sessions to ensure that the skills learned are put into practice.
By the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of the dynamics of conversations for action and will have the skills and strategies needed to build highly collaborative and agile teams across the organization. They will have the ability to navigate conflicts, align on goals and objectives, and build trust and commitment to achieve better results.

Leaders and Teams With Below Challenges Will Benefit From the Workshop:

  • Execution plans are compromised and not committed by your teams

  • Managing changes in Project Scope and Deliverables

  • Project delays, rework and a lot of workload

  • Communication barriers through all levels of management

  • Maintaining momentum and continuity across teams

  • Missed commitments

  • Silos in teams and organizations

  • In the workshop, participants will be equipped with disciplines, tools, frameworks, and practice sessions so they can break free of the Silos. Creating an environment of Learning Teams is the goal.

    Conversation for Action Disciplines help design commitments and to diagnose what has gone wrong with weak or no commitments. This workshop is designed for teams specifically. Leadership also benefits from the results.


    Workshop Format 

  • Three 3-hour Workshops with 3-8 participants

  • Customized content available for specific regions and special context

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